Surrey Critical Mass

Surrey Critical Mass
We're not blocking traffic: we are traffic!

Thanks to all who rode!

Surrey's first Critical Mass happened Saturday, March 24th (2007). We met at 3:30pm in the square under Central City tower, within view of the Surrey Central SkyTrain Station, and left at 4pm in a light drizzle. Do we want to do more rides? Let's talk. Send us an email at (and send us photos for posting too!)

Friday, March 23, 2007


Well, it's not a totally big deal because it's not about him, but this week's Georgia Straight has an article about this ride and how Transportation Minister MLA Kevin Falcon (who mountain bikes and poses for Bike-To-Work-Week posters, but as far as I can tell, doesn't cycle-commute and hasn't admitted to as much) didn't hear about the ride until the Georgia Straight contacted him this past week.

Um. Yeah. Right.

Mr. Falcon was sent an e-mail on March 5th, an email that was also CC-ed to all the other Surrey MLAs, inviting him and his to the ride. Maybe his staff aren't doing their jobs by relaying information to him... but that's still a sorry excuse.

The Georgia Straight article also presented a strange factual innacuracy by named one Surreyite an "organizer." Duh again.

There are no organizers for Critical Mass. Never has been, never will be. The writer of the article, Matthew Burrows, has been on many a "Mass" ride in Vancouver and should know that.

Anyhow, there haven't been many updates to this blog. Life happens!

I hope more Surreyites have been directed to it thanks to the Georgia Straight article, as factually inaccurate as it might be.

I'm excited about the ride and excited that so many are coming out, hard-core, even with the high likelihood of rain. With luck, it could clear up for a nice hour or two window and get sunny right around 4pm. Could happen.

So yeah. Tomorrow. 3:30pm. Surrey Central Skytrain Station -- look for the cyclists gathering in the square across the street (under the big Central City tower). SkyTrain fare is $2.25 for those who are interested to know. I recommend bringing thermoses of hot coffee and tea!

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